Planning Tools

Improve customer engagement, choices and outcomes using our extensive range of digital planning tools. Our tools are backed by CTC’s strategic calculations engine, Elements, allowing actuarial assurance. All our tools are rapidly bought to market, keeping our clients ahead of the innovation curve.

Our tools can be deployed as modules or complete solutions, allowing for total flexible application when bringing your companies digital vision to life.

Planning Modules

Key features:

  • Market leading calculations engine, with 29+ years experience
  • Multiple individual planning modules (for example, Attitude to Risk Investment Survey, Target Retirement Income - extensive list can be found in the Planning Tools brochure)
  • Flexible APIs
  • UX & UI development
  • Videos: personalised and module explanation

Case study:

Case study available early 2020.

Budget Planner


Priorities Questionnaire

Income Targeting

Tax Calculators

Investment Forecasting

FRO Comparison

Marketing Campaigns






Product Comparison

Needs Analysis

Risk Profiling

Product Scenarios

Risk Warnings

Product Calculators

AVCs and Top Ups

Personalised Video

WRAP Product Modelling

In Retirement Review

Blended Retirement Modelling

Risk Warnings

Deployed as complete end-to-end journey or as discrete modules.

To find out more, download our Planning Tools brochure here (available from early 2020).

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