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The Phoenix Group is one of the largest insurance providers in the UK, and is the largest specialist consolidator of heritage life assurance funds in Europe.

The business’s main focus has traditionally been on closed life fund consolidation, as well as manufacturing and underwriting new products and policies to support people saving for their future in areas such as workplace pensions and SIPPs.


When legislation passed to make Income Drawdown feasible, Scottish Mutual was ambitious to launch an innovative offering to market. They wanted a software provider with detailed knowledge of the UK market and the ability to deliver calculation software to specific requirements.


CTC was selected after an RFP process, the project was delivered in short phases. Firstly, a standalone accumulation and income drawdown illustration system, then integration between accumulation and drawdown and finally full administration support.


Scottish Mutual, now part of the Phoenix Group, continue to run the Income Drawdown product using Elements supporting clients with very large plans.

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