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Based in Salisbury, Gaudi’s main purpose is to create bespoke tax wrapper solutions for their customer’s clients. Their core business is pensions, notably SIPPs, as well as ISA and General Account administration.

Gaudi Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


Gaudi is a 3rd party administration in the SIPP market distinguishing itself by leveraging online real time technologies. Gaudi saw Web 2.0 as marking an era of collaboration and wanted to launch an online offering so that customers and advisers can truly own their own data.


Gaudi selected Elements SIPPs because it enables them to get the greatest level of automation and eradicate paper as much as possible. CTC could offer a SIPP solution from illustrations through to servicing (including drawdown) delivered in incremental phases. 


Gaudi has successfully delivered their target model using Elements SIPPs. They are confident that their compliance burden for illustrations will be catered for by CTC. And since implementation they are now turning their minds to the launch of a Group SIPP and Corporate Wrap using Elements.

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