Auto Enrolment

For staging compliance, contribution splitting and servicing

CTC’s Auto Enrolment Compliance modules are currently in use across the workplace market – from thousands of SMEs complying with the minimum contribution requirements, to large employers with more complex arrangements.

  The software is designed to:

  • Readily accept all payroll formats
  • Support self-servicing by employers and members
  • Link electronically with the pension provider
  • Provide all documentation electronically
  • Scale to high volumes of employers and employees
The modules can be set up to minimise disruption of the regular payroll processing, taking a file upload when the payroll has been finalised. This is then used to generate all the necessary employee communications, pass new entrant, leaver and contribution data to the pension provider and tell the payroll operator what changes to contributions will be needed for the next payroll run.
  • The modules provide compliance on a proven enterprise-level software platform. Our Elements system has been designed and used for many years for high volume corporate business, accessible via the cloud, and strong on electronic communications and interfaces.
  • Critically, the above process needs to happen on time with absolute accuracy in order for an employer to fulfil their Auto Enrolment duties. For a provider, they need be confident the technology can do this at very high volumes. CTC’s Elements solution has been in use for over many years and provides such reliability. A powerful addition to the system is allowing staff access to their own records. Subject to security and controls, it is also possible to extend to staff the ability to record information on the system and undertake activities.

Multiple Contribution Categories

For larger employers the system can cater for schemes with multiple contribution bases, with Salary Sacrifice and utilising either Net Pay or Relief at Source. Separate data uploads can be taken from multiple and differing Payroll Reference Period frequencies.

Regular Processing

The outcome of the cycle will be to communicate back to the payroll system and onto the pension provider informing them what contributions are to be collected. The necessary reporting for the TPR is generated at the appropriate times.

Staff Communications

Communications can be automatically generated and distributed to staff informing them of the AE process as it applies to them. This will cover the postponement process where relevant. The method of communication will be established as part of system set up. This is normally done via e-mail but can be by distribution of a PDF.

Compliance Assessment

The software can be configured to use all the different tests allowable in terms of earnings definitions - Qualifying Earnings, full PAYE, or basic pay. It can also allow the full variety of Postponement rules to be selected from. Our algorithms can define postponement in such a way as to ensure no contributions need to be collected from an employee during their first payroll run.

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