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What we do

Below are some of the business solutions we have implemented with clients recently using capabilities from the Elements software suite.


Elements uniquely brings together business processing and financial modelling capabilities delivered online through the web, tablets and mobile devices. 


Components in Elements can be used to fill a very specific gap, fulfil a particular business need or provide an end to end strategic platform. 


CTC has a proven track record of evolving and adapting Elements rapidly to support an ever increasing range of financial products and services.  


More about the use of Elements can be found in What we are thinking and What we can do for you

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Latest project

Acasta Europe specialises in a full range of ATE Insurance, General Insurance and Funding options with facilities for bespoke underwriting

DB to DC Transfer Value Analysis (TVA)
CTC pioneered the use of transfer analysis for comparing scheme benefits and alternative products

CTC first developed the actuarial approach to TVA which was adopted by the regulator in the early 90’s. Subsequently CTC was first to market with the TVA System adopted by fifty insurers. Since that time we have seen the number of insurers providing a TVA service shrink considerably but since the announcement of pension freedoms there is renewed interest.


TVAS software for providers - The system is set up for providers with their specific products and calculation basis, and can be linked into their other enterprise systems.  The transfer analysis report (fulfilling regulatory requirements) can be tailored for providers as part of their overall service to advisers.


Bureau service for schemes - CTC offers a full service to schemes to generate transfer analysis reports in bulk for members; this can be a one-off exercise, or as part of an on-going service addressing, for example, specific age groups within the scheme.  CTC can liaise directly with the scheme administrator to upload member detail (in bulk), validate data and produce TVA reports and scheme analysis.  Additionally reports can be rerun on a different calculation basis.



Fully compliant illustrations capability since 1990 to insurers, wealth/SIPP managers and platforms


Elements generates illustrations for both new and existing business, pre-retirement and drawdown. Illustrations can be created for individual products, multiple products (blended quotes) including bundled products with platform charges.  Illustrations and quotes can be produced for all types of savings and risk products.


The Elements calculation module can operate on a stand-alone basis or integrated with other systems and existing ‘web presences‘, either internally or externally (e.g. portals). Standard and customisable output can be generated directly in PDF format or through Document Production systems and transmitted electronically reinforcing a paperless environment.


Elements is maintained in line with regulations, and clients confidently rely on CTC's technical accuracy.  CTC has a proven track record of responding swiftly to regulatory changes.  More so, CTC actively engages with regulatory bodies to influence developments. 



Aviva has successfully grown its retail platform providing advisers with a fast online quotes capability using Elements

Auto Enrolment
For staging compliance, contribution splitting and servicing


The Elements Auto Enrolment solution supports adviser and provider propositions to employers managing the staging process, handling communication with employees, contribution processing and full administration of different types of group schemes.


Corporate advisers or providers can set up a service for employers to meet their compliance obligations.  This can segment their staff base providing different categories with access to either NEST, other trust or contracted group schemes or SIPP arrangements.


Elements also has a range of modelling and decision support tools that enables the employer and employees to assess levels of contributions and different pension arrangements.  The same tools enable the presentation and purchase of other employee benefits including protection products.



End to end administration for individual and group business

CTC Elements has been implemented for group and individual business since the 90's.  The software suite includes specialist components supporting Illustrations and Administration.  CTC is relied upon to produce compliant illustrations and has extensive experience of integrating with front office and investment platforms.


Elements will support business processing for the whole range of simple and bespoke SIPPs including:


  • Phased retirement
  • Protected rights
  • Commercial Property
  • Discretionary Fund Management
  • Automated links for Fund Supermarkets
  • Individual and Corporate arrangements
  • Automated payroll deduction facilities



Gaudi offers a completely new approach to the administration of Self Invested Personal Pensions

Retirement Hub
Bridging the gap between savings and income

Three modules have been created from Elements for the At Retirement market to help individuals explore income options that best meet their needs; either through a self-directed, non-advised or advised process.  The solutions can be implemented by providers with their specific product offerings, or by advisers and guidance related organisations to reflect their service proposition.  Modelling tools used in the modules have actuarial rigour supporting a compliant process.


The three modules can be deployed individually or combined as part of wider solutions: 


1. Wake-up process:

From ‘wake up’ to decision and purchase. Enabling a self-directed process for those nearing retirement.

2. Retirement Planning:

From needs analysis to suitability – comparing income products such annuities and drawdown. For advisers seeking an efficient process to determine a recommended plan for clients.

3. Transfer Aggregation:

For cases where retirement planning triggers consolidation of pension funds. This module analyses costs between products.


Retirement Hub solution overview

Market ready for Stocks & Shares ISAs, Cash ISAs, Junior ISAs and GIAs.


Elements handles all actions across the lifecycle of ISA accounts - from account opening, transfers in and initial subscriptions, ongoing trading, renewal subscriptions and reporting through to closure and transfer out.  Processing can be automated in line with pre-defined client instructions within a year or across years.


Business is processed in accordance with regulatory requirements for each respective tax year taking action when there are exceptions.  Exception handling can be based on pre-defined rules or simply raise a case for attention.


Clients can be set up and linked to any valid combination of products and investments.  Processing can then be performed across the products, for example calculating fees based on total assets whilst the deduction of fees comes from one particular product.



Quai is a third party administrator for savings and investment products making extensive use of technology to connect consumers with their investments.

General Insurance
Delegated business and agency distribution


The flexibility of Elements is clearly demonstrated through its ability to support general insurance products. CTC’s focus is the growing area of business written by primary insurers through agencies on a delegated basis.


Insurers can set up risk products on Elements with any number of coverages. Agency agreements on Elements will identify the coverages and rates available to that particular agency. The risks and the rates can be adjusted automatically or manually at an individual policy level over the life of the policy.


Agencies can submit business either as single policies online or on schedules submitted by spreadsheets. Spreadsheets uploaded to Elements can detail policies, premium and claims.


Acasta Europe specialises in a full range of ATE Insurance, General Insurance and Funding options with facilities for bespoke underwriting