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PA360: Don't treat advisers like children over DB transfers, FCA - Richard Parkin

1st May 2018

Nigel Chambers recently joined Richard Parkin and Claire Trott on a panel at PA360 discussing adv...

Meet the Adviser Champions: CTC's Nigel Chambers

22nd Apr 2018

Financial advisers must focus on working well with technology if they want to develop and r...

CTC Client Conference 2018

14th Mar 2018

Details of the agenda for the 2018 conference taking place on Tuesday 12th June. 

Drawdown comparison tools for the mass market

12th Mar 2018

The FCA is advocating the need for drawdown comparisons tools when they spoke at the PLSA Investm...

CTC Growth Rate survey 2017

6th Feb 2018

Money Marketing article covering CTC's fifth annual review of growth rates used in market for pro...

Getting client communications right for Mifid II

7th Dec 2017

In the last year, we have witnessed considerable debate and conflicting interpretations as to the...

Car insurance - getting to win-win between providers and customers

28th Nov 2017

CTC is getting increasingly involved in the general insurance market with clients using our techn...

Will 2018 see an increase in opt-outs for workplace pensions?

10th Oct 2017

Judged by the number of people now enrolled in workplace pensions, the Auto Enrolment initiative ...

Nigel Chambers in press on DB Transfers

11th Jul 2017

Article from Retirement Planner on FCA consultation for DB Transfers:



Help! I've been put into a pension

6th Jun 2017

More than 7.5m people have now been automatically enrolled into a pension scheme since the end of...

Nigel Chambers: FCA suitability review points to value of advice

1st Jun 2017

The FCA has published the results from the review they have undertaken of Suitability Reports. &n...

Nigel Chambers: How to make DB transfer regulation better for all

1st Jun 2017

Those blocked from DB to DC transfers by the current regulatory system have as much to lose...

Give people the choice

27th Mar 2017

In 2014 the Government legislated to give people with Defined Contribution pensions more choice i...

CTC Growth Rate Survey 2016

3rd Mar 2017

CTC’s market review of growth rates (used in Illustrations and projections) is in its fourt...

Consumer prompts for whole of market review - annuities and drawdown

13th Feb 2017

The FCA issued a paper recently (CP16/37) recommending affirmative action for consumers to ...

CTC school donation

7th Feb 2017

CTC Software encourages the innovative use of technology.  So last year we pledged to a Kick...

CTC Software moves to Croydon Business Park

9th Jan 2017

(From Croydon Citizen's Gazette)

Twenty six years ago two actuaries and a computer scienc...

An even playing field for retirement choices

20th Dec 2016

The current situation where people are encouraged to shop around for annuities but not drawdown p...

When transferring out of a DB scheme can be a good idea

1st Nov 2016

Professional Adviser article by Nigel Chambers




FCA urged to stop discouraging DB Transfers

10th Oct 2016

FT Adviser article featuring Nigel Chambers.



The Financial ...

CTC Software powers Prudential Illustrations and modelling

26th Sep 2016

Prudential has launched its new

New micro site launched for Pension Transfers

17th Aug 2016

CTC has launched a new micro site dedicated to adviser solutions, primarily those looking for tec...

CTC Client Conference 2016

14th Jul 2016

The Annual CTC Software Client Conference was held on 14th June 2016 at the Wellcome Building in ...

Robotic Arm helps students learn real world programming

21st Jun 2016

As part of CTC’s community programme we participate in crowdfunding for technology innovati...

Lifetime ISAs (CTC Commentary)

30th Mar 2016

Although CTC believes that George Osborne was right to bow to pressure from the pensions industry...

Commentary : Pensions tax free lump sum set for 'extinction'

22nd Feb 2016


The suggestion that the current pension taxation regime should be changed to the f...

CTC Growth Rate survey 2015

28th Jan 2016

2015 - The CTC Growth Rate survey is an annual review of growth rates used in Illustrations and p...

Consultation paper CP15/30 in context

13th Oct 2015

CTC software has taken the time to compare the 139 page FCA CP15/30 Pension Freedoms paper with t...

CTC Client conference

13th Jul 2015

CTC’s client conference on “Pensions Freedom – What Next” took place on T...

CTC advances web responsive design for Elements

10th Jun 2015

CTC recently launched updates to its Elements software to improve device respons...

Scaling the AE Mountain

31st May 2015

A breakfast seminar taking place at the prestigous Royal Society of Arts.  Event limited to ...

CTC Seminar - Pensions Freedom. What Next?

11th May 2015

CTC are running a seminar for clients to be attended by policy advisers from the FCA.

Conflicting drawdown assumptions 'recipe for confusion'

27th Mar 2015

Money Marketing Article


The wide range of investment assumptions made by d...

Nigel Chambers: Charge cap work will cut routes to advice

17th Feb 2015

Money Marketing article


In its consultation document released towards the ...

CTC powers new AE compliance offering for Creative Auto Enrolment

17th Feb 2015

CTC is proud to be the technology powering Creative's new compliance offering linking with Scotti...

CTC Growth Rate survey 2014

30th Jan 2015

2014 - This is the second year CTC has run the growth rate survey.  The fu...

Croydon Tech City - London's fastest growing technology cluster

3rd Dec 2014

A release from Croydon council confirmed that Croydon is London’s fastest growing tech clus...

John Parker joins CTC sales team

1st Dec 2014

As part of CTC’s continuing growth, John Parker has been appointed to CTC sales team as Bus...

CTC moves to new office space

27th Nov 2014

CTC has moved offices 'just around the corner' within its current 10 year home of Leon House in C...

Starting line for flexibility in pensions

28th Oct 2014

Without exception every major life company in response to the budget is looking to substantially ...

Kim North: Resurrecting the Isa vs pensions debate

10th Oct 2014

Money Marketing - Opinion piece featuring Nigel Chambers.


Middle Britain's Retirement Plan

30th Sep 2014

Article from Adviser Business Review.

Flexibility around pensions and retirement income w...

Back to the drawing board for drawdown illustrations

31st Jul 2014

Article by Nigel Chambers from Citywire

Drawdown illustrations face sign...

How to confuse consumers and advisers

14th Jul 2014

From April this year the FCA made it a requirement that all pre-retirement illustrations, i.e. th...

CTC Software to launch retirement planning tool in Budget response

3rd Jul 2014

From Money Marketing


"CTC Software is set to begin testing a new retiremen...

The CTC Retirement Hub provides the financial answers for those about to retire

27th Jun 2014

The government’s changes to annuity purchase effective from April 2015 will have an immedia...

CTC Launches Retirement Hub at Platforum Top Gear event

18th Jun 2014

Advisers grapple with new illustrations showing pension loss

8th May 2014


From FT Adviser 7th May


The City regulator must reconsider ...

New regulations mean that thousands of pension illustrations will show lower returns

4th Apr 2014

Investors will be shocked to see for the first time a realistic valuation of their pension saving...

CTC pledges to crowdfunding projects

13th Feb 2014

CTC recently pledged money to two crowdfunding initiatives that make innovative use of technology...

CTC Growth Rate Survey 2013

27th Jan 2014

2013 - The regulator is trying to simplify illustrations and create a level playing field across ...

COB rule need rethink - article T4B 2014

6th Jan 2014

Feature article from Nigel Chambers in Time 4 Business - January 2014.



FCA pension illustration reforms 'will create trust-based bias'

28th Nov 2013

Money Marketing article quoting CTC


By Tom Selby, Money Marketing


New regulations means that thousands of savings illustrations need to change

20th Nov 2013

70% of product providers believe there should be an industry standard for growth rates.

LV= selects CTC for online quotes across its full range of pensions

16th Oct 2013


As part of its programme to enhance service to advisers, LV= has decided to deploy...

Intelligent Money selects Elements for Group/Individual SIPP illustration & admin

21st Aug 2013


Intelligent Money (IM), established in 2002, delivers bespoke and low-cost SIPP so...

IPM SIPP Administration selects Elements Illustrations

21st Jun 2013

IPM, a bespoke SIPP provider to advisers, has made the decision...

DA Phillips selects Elements Illustrations for SIPPs

12th May 2013

DA Phillips has been servicing the SIPP and SSAS market for over 25 years.  They pride thems...

Philip Hodges appointed to CTC board as Commercial Director

25th Apr 2013

As part of CTC's investment and business growth plans, Philip Hodges has been selected to join th...

Regulatory & market developments

DC Pensions - New disclosure rules

2nd Mar 2018

The government has published final regulations on extending the information trustees must provide...

FCA discussion paper - effective competition in non-workplace pensions (DP18/1)

13th Feb 2018

This is the start of a consultation on Non-Workplace Pensions; there having already been lots of ...

CTC Consultation response - CP17/16 DB Transfers

20th Sep 2017

This is a summary of CTC’s key responses to the

CTC commentary - Investment Platforms study MS17/1.1

19th Jul 2017

This follows on from the Asset Management Market Study where the FCA recognised some potential co...

Commentary - FCA policy on annuity prompts (PS17/12)

6th Jun 2017

The FCA has now announced (

Advising on Pension Transfers - FCA expectations

6th Feb 2017

The FCA has sent a communication to advisers on their expectations for transfers.  

Commentary - FCA Asset Management market study

20th Dec 2016

This is currently out for consultation.  Here's our take on the highlights.

Lifetime ISAs - FCA consultation for handbook changes

6th Dec 2016

CTC Commentary on FAMR

27th Mar 2016

Charge Caps and the Consequences (CP14/24)

20th Nov 2014

In its recent consultation document (CP14/24) the FCA set out its approach to implementing the go...

CP14/11 - CTC response to consultation

22nd Sep 2014

Income Withdrawal - inflation adjusted or nominal?

6th May 2014

The budget announcements with their increased emphasis on drawdown only preceded the introduction...

Budget 2014 - CTC response

24th Mar 2014

CTC's initial reaction can best be described in two words "At Last". 


New version of Statutory Money Purchase Illustration rules published

24th Feb 2014

The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) have now published their final version of revisions to be m...

EU Mortgage Directive demanding replacement of KFIs

18th Nov 2013


The EU mortgage credit directive is set to be passed into law by the end of 2013.&...

CP13/9 Update on guidance for product information

29th Oct 2013


In PS13/2 the FCA published rule changes for Illustrations that extend to the whol...

Illustrations regulatory changes 2014

9th Jul 2013


The degree of change needed to the systems which generate Key Features Illustratio...