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CTC school donation

7th Feb 2017

CTC Software encourages the innovative use of technology.  So last year we pledged to a Kickstarter initiative called Cubetto (from Primo Toys) which is a train that can be simply programmed teaching computer logic to 4-7 year olds.  The train was donated to the Blackthorns Primary Academy in Sussex.  


Nichola Hill is a teacher at the school and this is a report of their experience with the toy.  



“Cubetto is a fantastic way of teaching the children about algorithms. As a school we have subscribed to Discovery Coding, this software teaches children to code from Y1 to Y6.  In Reception though we use programmable devices. Not only is it fantastic for covering the computing part of the curriculum but also for maths and positional language. 



After half term we will be retelling some fairy tales and the children will create story maps in groups. They will then create a sequence of instruction for Cubetto to move across the map and tell the story. This creates lots of problem solving opportunities and the children have to think critically about how far apart to put the images. They need to be able to talk to each other and explain their reasoning. There is always plenty of trial and error.”


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