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New micro site launched for Pension Transfers

17th Aug 2016

CTC has launched a new micro site dedicated to adviser solutions, primarily those looking for technology enabled support for DB (and DC) Transfers.



Following Pension Freedoms, CTC has been experiencing a significant increase in enquiries relating to Pensions Transfers.  CTC research shows demand for transfer advice exceeds available capacity on the market by 50%. The same research suggests that this demand will persist for at least the next 15-20 years with a long tail of DB schemes.  In the summer of 2016, interest in transfers was also stimulated by the uncertain future of high profile schemes such as Tata, BHS and Bernard Matthews.



Whilst more advisers may come to market to help clients with DB Transfers, the process will remain tightly regulated resulting with high cost.  CTC has developed capabilities to dramatically cut both the time and the cost of transfers and is confident of keeping in line with regulations as they develop over the coming years.

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