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CTC Client Conference 2016

14th Jul 2016

The Annual CTC Software Client Conference was held on 14th June 2016 at the Wellcome Building in Euston, London.



The conference was set up to explore the technical and strategic implications of regulatory and legislative developments.  This year, Pension Freedoms remained uppermost and the ensuing revolution this has brought about; the conference reminding attendees that revolution is not just a one time event, but is a process.



Fifty people attended from across CTC’s clients (including insurers, wealth managers, SIPP providers and platforms) along with guests for a one day interactive event.  Electronic polling provided a barometer on topical issues and breakout sessions went further into detail on DB Transfers, Illustrations, Retirement Modelling and SIPP administration.



Alex Smith from the FCA ‘stepped’ in at the last minute for Maggie Craig who had broken her toe.  Alex provided a comprehensive sweep of regulatory developments including FAMR, Smarter Communications and the thematic review of long term customers.



In the breakout sessions, CTC presented new adviser research on TVAS, its outlook for simplified drawdown illustrations, and a digital approach for pension maturities.

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