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CTC Software powers Prudential Illustrations and modelling

26th Sep 2016

Prudential has launched its new flexible Retirement Account with online modelling and Illustrations powered by CTC.  This follows the launch of D2C modelling tools also powered by CTC in 2015.


Click here to go to Prudential's Retirement Planner for advisers.

Click here to go to Prudential's D2C retirement income tool.




Prudential signed an agreement with CTC Software in 2015 for Illustrations and its entire range of modelling tools (from the Elements software suite).  Elements includes capabilities across the customer life cycle from needs analysis, profiling, scenario generation and transfer analysis through to Illustrations for individual products or as part of a blended approach.  The software can be deployed across the internet, on tablets and smartphones. 



Prudential set out a digital strategy last year embarking on a search for planning tools that could be used equally across distribution channels and an Illustrations solution that could fairly represent the unique strength of Prudential’s investment story - CTC were able to demonstrate they could comprehensively fulfil both ambitions.  CTC showed a deep understanding of Prudential’s products and strong alignment with Prudential’s vision for engaging with advisers and consumers.



A powerful distinction of CTC’s calculation and modelling suite is the ability to produce consistent analytics and numbers from initial customer enquiry through to product purchase.  Advisers can trust that the details provided to a customer will always be on a sound and consistent actuarial basis.  And for consumers it means that they are always getting an accurate picture.



Prudential’s enterprise license means the same modelling capability and Illustrations can be used across all channels – D2C, adviser or for corporate business.

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