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Robotic Arm helps students learn real world programming

21st Jun 2016

As part of CTC’s community programme we participate in crowdfunding for technology innovations that have an educational or social element to them.  As a consequence we usually receive a piece of technology which we donate.



Earlier this year we donated a robotic arm to Langley Park School for Boys in Kent.



Richard Nash (Head of Computing) at the school just recently reported back.



“We have been using the robotic arm to help our sixth form students with creating programs that directly interact with Input/output pins.  Although the students were required to learn python in order to program the arm, they have realised that the underlying principles of programming can be applied to all forms of programming language.  The robotic arm offers students the opportunity to create applications that they can easily see a use for in the real world.”



The arm was provided by following CTC’s donation to their fund raising on Kickstarter


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