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CTC advances web responsive design for Elements

10th Jun 2015

CTC recently launched updates to its Elements software to improve device responsiveness.


CTC joined the web revolution well ahead of many of its competitors around year 2000 moving from client/server technology to solutions that work directly off the internet.  Access through browser technology has meant that over 90% of CTC clients have chosen to use Elements on a Software-as-a-Service basis.  Since then groups of clients have also used Elements as a cloud based solution.


Responding to the growth in tablets and smartphones CTC has begun a programme rolling out web responsive capabilities in Elements.  Whilst consumers don’t get the urge to apply for retirement products whilst commuting to work, there is a range of enquiry facilities and decision support tools that do fit well on smaller devices.  Government changes in the last year making it easier to access retirement savings has made pensions more interesting.  And with five million new savers through auto-enrolment then consumers are asking more questions about where their money is going.

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